To rot my soul is smiling by Sei Hexe

1. To rot my soul is smiling (Earth) 02:41 – Slow bass intro – could go anywhere
2. Queen of Swords (Air) 02:07 – Mad screamer – reminds me of Christian Death somewhat.
3. Fervor rescue me (Fire) 02:24 – More gothic influence here – this time a little Sex Gang Children, particularly the drumming.
4. 10 of cups (Water) 03:13 – These folks like their bass intros….
5. Leben ist Hart (Chuck) 01:16 – Woah, this is different – late 70’s post punk style now.  I guess it makes sense as the aforementioned bands kinda developed beyond that sound.
6. Worship me (Cobwebs) 01:42 – Cool intro this time, some nice guitar sound.
7. Earth swallow me (Belfry) 01:08 – Considering the length of the songs they sure take their time with the intros.  Another nice one here.
8. I am the ruler (Nelson) 01:39 – Hmm, this one is a little post rock.  Can only hope for some radical explosion of sound further in.

Score: 6

Worth listening further: Yes



1. Circles 02:52 – Silence…..not a good start eh?
2. Heavy Tremor 06:25 – This is better – nice rhythm, strong guitar line.  Production is smooth…maybe a little too nice.
3. Are We Still Breathing? 02:32 – Same as the last track – sounding interesting but the production leads one to think things are heading in a mainstream direction.  Needs more grit and dirt!
4. Solipse 08:35 – Dinky effected guitar – nothing happens.
5. Falling Into Place 06:42 – Fuck me – complete silence again.  I’d think the album had finished already.
6. Clusters 04:14 – Nice creepy melody, a little Cramps like, tho spoilt by super smooth vocals.
7. Undertow 05:15 – See track 4.
8. Clouded Sight 02:16 – This one jumps out of the blocks and is a little more like it – but, those vocals are annoying as hell.
9. Quakes 12:41 – See track 5.
10. Circles (Shake Up Your Mind) 04:23 – Gave up, didn’t bother…..

Score: 3

Worth listening further: No

THREE ANGLES by Io Monade Stanca

1. Biricchino sarai tu 04:20 – Some nice Polvo type bass – interesting composition.  Good so far!
2. 90 gradi 01:54 – Interesting again – along with the cover I’m feeling hints of Rudimentary Peni’s religious themes.
3. Telefilm 03:52 – The third track slow burner.
4. Momra Rusia 02:38 – Things have definitely dropped off pace wise. This could go anywhere.
5. Va tutto bene é tutto bellissimo 04:35 – Prog rock meets math rock.
6. Tamarrismi 00:47 – Curiously this doesn’t seem like it is going to be filler.
7. Ma grandmere est mechant 05:05 – Morbidly curious guitar intro.
8. Un giro in bici 04:43 – These songs are obvious slow builders – perhaps in anticipation of the last track which is sure to be killer right?
9. Vivaldi 04:42 – Well – it’s a glam rock drum beat – could be the intro to ‘I Love Rock ‘n’n Roll’.  Let’s hope not!

Score: 8

Worth listening further: Yes


This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship by Tiny Moving Parts

1. Dakota 02:50 – Nice glissy guitar but could be heading down dangerous post-rock territory.  Hope it might explode instead.
2. Along the Lakeside 02:53 – Some take off here but make like a sparkler than a firework.
3. Grayscale 02:03 – Straight into it – this is more like it.
4. Vacation Bible School 03:20 – Rad – is this a La Dispute pastiche?  Is this La Dispute?
5. Clouds Above My Head 02:57 – My favourite so far – some awesome drum work and composition here.
6. I 01:17 – Oh no – the obligatory interlude track.  Forget it.
7. Waterbed 03:12 – And as you might expect – a full on attack after the quiet stuff.
8. Amateur Night 02:45 – This is really nice though the vocals are starting to get a little annoying.
9. II 01:07 – The only good thing about this is that it MUST lead into the highlight of the album, right?
10. John P. 04:05 – Violin! Nice!

Score: 7

Worth listening further: Yes

This cat is a genius by Alex’s Hand

1. Train 03:16 – Sounds like it’s gonna be some drunken kinda stadium rock.  Could go either way at this point.
2. Dear me. 02:39 – Some wacky rhythm guitar, wacky drums and wacky vocals.
3. Penticide 02:58 – Difficult third track syndrome.  Possible quiet after and before the storm.
4. Ants 03:47 – Haha – a wanky stadium rock guitar solo!
5. Impression 02:36 – Acoustic guitar and some field recording style noise.  Difficult fifth track syndrome?
6. ConserveNow! 06:30 – Diddling around intro – thinking this is the long penultimate song that might hold everything together.
7. Sad Little Skeletons 03:59 – Couldn’t even hear anything.  Come on!  Make me listen!

Score: 6

Worth listening further: Maybe

I Didn’t Want To Do This To You, Thomas by And Then

1. 535 03:15 – Could be some rad electronica ready to explode!
2. What Is Art? (Baby Don’t Contradict Me) 02:08 – Could be some more rad electronica ready to explode!
3. Slow Car Crash 02:48 – Ugh those ten seconds were never ending….
4. I Showed Her Fireworks Down There (Ode To Thom) 05:40 – These didn’t get much better – Bad slow electro beats.
5. NYW 03:29 – Huh?  Suddenly gone indie.  But not good indie.
6. Diddle Till The End 02:12 – Too little too soft too late.

Score: 2

Worth listening further: No

A Map of the Chelsea Leaf by A Map of the Chelsea Leaf

1. The Opposite of What I Want 03:18 – A pretty average acoustic riff played in a tin shed.
2. Breathing in the Breeze 02:13 – Nice drum sound, could go anywhere, weak guitars come in…
3. Sleep Through Lonely Nights 04:02 – Sure needed some editing here.  Tape hiss.
4. Cat in the Sink 06:21 – Is this the same song as Track 2?  Both have ‘in the’ in their titles.
5. Untitled 02:40 – This sounds better, could end up with a campfire sing-a-long.
6. Unobtrusive 02:23 – Nice ambient intro but I fear it could lead to post rock.
7. During the Day, it’s Warm 03:14 – Brighter guitar sound here is much more interesting, the Casio drums aren’t as bad as you’d expect either!
8. Ashley 02:10 – Twang twang……twang!
9. The Power Went Out 02:36 – Toy Dolls riff (which they probably borrowed too)
10. Is This Fake Blood? 07:40 – Dicking around – doesn’t bode well if the track is nearly 8 minutes long.
11. Kissing Partners 02:44 – Straight into it, lots of tape hiss.  Daniel Johnson-esque maybe.
12. Jimmy Carter 05:56 – Ting ting…..ting!
13. The Revenge of Abe Lincoln 04:40 – Really need to tighten up the recordings to get a good score on this blog!

Score: 4

Worth listening further: No