Split with ACxDC by Goolagoon

1. Home Sweet Pineapple 01:12 – intro, surf-core, big riff – what’s not to like!?
2. Doing Time 01:02 – It’s the 80s again – but only for 1 minute and 2 seconds.  Stikky worship!
3. Idiot Box 00:49 – Drummer is excellent.  Vocals range from great to generic.
4. The Bully 00:46 – One of the vocalists sounds like Nick Blinko.  This song is a ripper.
5. Book Attack (Scholastic Deth) 00:57 – That guitar solo is awesome and fantastically out of place.  Love it!

Score: 8

Worth listening further: Yep


Spend Life by Make More

1. Best End 02:36 – Immediately reminded of something I like – Built To Spill maybe?
2. Dead Hands 02:32 – Is this the first song again?
3. Bare Fangs 02:49 – Slowing down, some vocals.  Superchunk, after they went shit (or as everyone else seems to think, got better!)
4. Mediolanum 02:04 – The goth track.  Still, better than the Cure.
5. Loose Tombs 02:01 – Awesome – guitar starts off like Fried Milk era Tar Babies!
6. Less Deaths 03:14 – Reminds me of some Chinese indie rock that I’ve heard.
7. Future Ruins 03:13 – A nice Mascis blazing guitar riff at max volume would improve this. Do it!
8. Festering Legacy 02:26 – Noting a lack of dynamics sound wise after 8 tracks.  Solid mixtape stuff but maybe will grow like a My Dad is Dead album?
9. Spend Life 03:11 – The slow closer – goes all right.

Score: 6

Worth listening further: Yes

Bedroom Recordings by Euphoria Again

1. ol rudy 02:24 – Tries it’s best for some dynamics though it’s tough with just an acoustic guitar (and some quiet overdubs).  Has a bit of a Mascis/Barlow sound in the verse.
2. she told me not to trus a pirate 02:30 – Downer…nice but I don’t wanna die this afternoon.
3. janis klonopin 01:56 – Points for a different sound – more lo-fi.
4. closing thoughts 02:54 – Maybe what an MBV song sounds like with no effects pedals.  Or basically an intro to any shoegaze song of your choice. Fuck, 13 more songs to go….
5. x marks the time 02:14 – Get me the razor I want to cut my emo wrists in the wrong direction.
6. daydeathdream 02:00 – Same plod along as the previous track but some straight vocals at least.
7. paps 01:20 – A waltz, well there had to be one really.
8. fathers 03:25 – This is so subdued I can’t listen to it.
9. massacre isn’t marie 02:59 – I have a friend called Marie – I might call her Massacre from now.
10. luvvstuf 02:06 – Hatestuf – really hate that finger slide sound.
11. black 03:22 – It’s not Jimmy Carl Black but there’s some drums here.
12. greatest hits 02:16 – This is not one.
13. dennis quaalude 02:11 – Gah – this isn’t one either.
14. andihope 02:59 – I know it’s hard but this is getting so samey.  I can only think about Sentridoh, Bob Dylan and Daniel Johnson again and again and again.
15. void in time 02:22 – I’m gonna go listen to Void.
16. uncle sam’s adopted sons 02:21 – A tambourine can’t save this.
17. cold bones 02:08 – I almost like this one.  But wonder if I’m just relieved that this is the last track and I’d like to say something nice.

Score: 3

Worth listening further: No

Knows Your Sins by The Underground Railroad to Candyland

1. That I Dunno 02:26 – Slow starter – where’s it gonna go?  Ska-punk?  Indie rock?  Lookout Records!
2. Jimmy V 02:58 – Weak.
3. Animals? 30 Seconds?! 00:44 – Filler.
4. Animals! Run! 02:19 – This needs to take off but it doesn’t.  Drags like a Billy Childish record played at the wrong speed.
5. My Number’s On The Stall 02:25 – Weak again.
6. And You Think You Can Tame Me?! 02:19 – Ramones bassline with a Dick Dale guitar line. And…..next!
7. Bus 01:55 – Almost moddish verse – if it has a killer chorus…..alas….
8. Up For Grabs 03:57 – An album doesn’t need a long song here – unless it’s good of course.
9. 2010 02:02 – A shimmery guitar of nope.
10. We Aren’t The World (LALALALALA) 02:32 – Is this a Dickies cover?  I’m gonna go listen to the Dickies.
11. Bitter 02:58 – Rock is all about 4 bars and repetition.  Apparently.
12. Run Chicken Run 01:51 – In which the guitar imitates a chicken. From the 50s.  A cover?
13. Stop Cryin’ Kid 01:56 – I’m getting tired of the plodding lack of dynamics in these songs.
14. 2010 Reprise 02:56 – This didn’t need a reprise.
15. The Wicked Shakes 03:31 – Well, they saved the best for last but it’s not saying much.  This kinda stuff is popular with ‘the kids’ these days but what the hell do they know!?

Score: 4

Worth listening further: Nope

Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street by Beach Slang

1. All Fuzzed Out 03:11 – Big guitars – cool.  Wimpy vocals.
2. Dirty Cigarettes 03:02 – It’s the early 90s.  The type of music that was called alternative about 15 years ago, so the kids could know what the alternative was.
3. American Girls And French Kisses 02:54 – The faster track to mix it up.  Singer is channeling the Psychedelic Furs.
4. We Are Nothing 02:28 – The acoustic track.  Well at least it isn’t the slow boring track with a crescendo ending.

Score: 5

Worth listening further: Nah

More Than A Facebook Friend (Cassette Album) by Yuko Yuko

1. Local Girl 02:48 – Heavy synth drums – could be some good J-pop but….maybe not….
2. Wait For The Apocalypse 03:12 – Liking the J-sound and the heavy bass – it’s a bit new wave though.
3. XXX 00:43 – Electro interlude – quite nice
4. Unpleasantly Wet 03:10 – This is weird and I like it, until it got a bit normal and dreary – punk up!
5. Two Boys 02:34 – Jangly synth pop – nice female vocals.
6. I’m Too Cool 02:36 – Dull synth pop – straight female vocals. Chorus picked up a bit.
7. Walbert’s Biking Thru 01:07 – Reminds me of some kind of XTC out-take.
8. Everything’s So Special About Me 02:41 – That drum sounds like a cardboard box.  Too much Duran Duran synth up in yr face.  The tweaky guitar is nice.
9. My Friend 00:46 – Filler track alert.
10. Heterosexual 03:08 – Too digital for my tastes.  I do like the droney noise in the background of this one though.
11. Ur Coming Closer Now 02:11 – These vocals remind me of 1985, the chorus reminds me of wanting to kill the disco kids in 1985.
12. Seventeen And Melting 02:34 – Things are starting to get a little samey, stylistically now.  Is this what Positive Noise sounded like?  Or the Associates maybe?
13. Lil Shawty 01:06 – Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – right!?
14. Sharing Is Giving 03:18 – Bouncy Ween start but doesn’t go anywhere.  I want it to soar!
15. Hurry Up 00:40 – Half an idea.
16. More Than A Facebook Friend 03:38 – This hits a Half Man Half Biscuit stride – but not as fun, obviously.

Score: 6

Worth listening further: Sure, why not?