Musique Exotique #02 MLP by Exotica

1. Presion 01:04 – Woah!  Early BCT type world punk!  Ohlo Seco, Wretched etc
2. No 00:48  – Slight variations on punk rock but the riffs sound like magic
3. Ser Nada 01:34 – The slow one…
4. Is This A Life? 01:02 – Pummeling bass riff and then that guitar sound again!
5. Caminando 01:18 – Is that keyboard!?  Well, made me laugh!
6. Asco 01:00 – Suffers from being the same beat as the previous track – but the chorus!
7. The Hand That Feeds 01:49 – The second slow one….why not go faster rather than slower!?
8. It’s No Revolution 00:57 – Flex Your Head!  Variations on Nic Fit.
9. Mundo Nuevo 02:54 – It’s good that the songs are generally short, otherwise this would grow old quickly.  This is the epic closer….though it’s not that great.

Score: 8

Worth listening further: Yep


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