Divorce by Divorce

1. Cunts In A Circle 03:01 – Like Today Is The Day played on the second stage with Hijo Kaiden.
2. Snob Value 05:22 – 5 minutes of intro for 5 seconds of music.
3. Aids Of Space 04:13 – Angry angsty noise rock.
4. Bill Murray 03:23 – Hammerhead meets PRE.
5. Pencils Giant Pencils 03:28 – Gratingly abrasive guitars in your face.
6. Coat Your Throat 02:29 – The slow ambient one.
7. Stabby (Stabby) Stab 05:37 – The saxophone track!  Favourite so far!
8. Dreglegs 05:13 – If you took all the bands mentioned above and slowed them down they would all sound like Cows.
9. Never Try Anything New At Least Once A Day 07:10 – A seven minute closer needs a big riff but it never arrives.

Score: 7

Worth listening further: Yeah


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