GT ULTRA by Guerilla Toss

1. Betty Dreams Of Green Men 03:29 – Funky post punk – it’s 1979 again and that’s a good thing.
2. Can I Get The Real Stuff 02:57 – Nice, if a little slick.  But it is 2017 I guess.
3. Crystal Run 02:57 – Channels some nice old school J-rock.
4. TV Do Tell 01:35 – Ditto all the above – this could go either way.
5. The String Game 03:15 – Talking Heads meets B-52s.
6. Skull Pop 05:01 – Back in J-pop realm ala Capsule or Hazel Nuts Chocolate.
7. Dog In The Mirror 05:03 – Slits meets J-Slits.
8. Dose Rate 04:40 – Slick electronica – give me some distortion!

Score: 7

Worth listening further: Yes


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