Cigarettes – 烟 by Zhang Si’an (Djang San 张思安)

1. I have gum in my hair – 我的头发里面有口香糖 04:18 – some nice indie guitar strum.
2. Jesus was a buddhist -耶稣曾经是信佛的 03:38 – the slow track already – nice strings though.
3. Walking on the streets again - 又走路了 (第一部分) 01:33 – Tom Waits instrumental on a French street.
4. Jaguar driving – 捷豹 02:01 – this is a cool bouncy song similar to Unrest or Air Miami etc.
5. Time is the equation – 时间就是方程式 01:18  – movie soundtrack.
6. I have bread in my shoes - 我的鞋子里有面包 00:28 – the idea that didn’t go anywhere.
7. It’s a trap ! - 十面埋伏 (第一部分) 02:52 – enjoyable traditional folk tune – no trap.
8. She’s going to kill the kid -她要杀了这个孩子 03:17 – bad funk – bad, as in good.
9. Nowhere to go - 没地方去 03:35 – bad new wave – bad, as in bad.
10. Dreaming of silver clouds - 梦想着银云 04:44 – a blues dirge.

Score: 5

Worth listening further: Probably


Bedroom Recordings by Euphoria Again

1. ol rudy 02:24 – Tries it’s best for some dynamics though it’s tough with just an acoustic guitar (and some quiet overdubs).  Has a bit of a Mascis/Barlow sound in the verse.
2. she told me not to trus a pirate 02:30 – Downer…nice but I don’t wanna die this afternoon.
3. janis klonopin 01:56 – Points for a different sound – more lo-fi.
4. closing thoughts 02:54 – Maybe what an MBV song sounds like with no effects pedals.  Or basically an intro to any shoegaze song of your choice. Fuck, 13 more songs to go….
5. x marks the time 02:14 – Get me the razor I want to cut my emo wrists in the wrong direction.
6. daydeathdream 02:00 – Same plod along as the previous track but some straight vocals at least.
7. paps 01:20 – A waltz, well there had to be one really.
8. fathers 03:25 – This is so subdued I can’t listen to it.
9. massacre isn’t marie 02:59 – I have a friend called Marie – I might call her Massacre from now.
10. luvvstuf 02:06 – Hatestuf – really hate that finger slide sound.
11. black 03:22 – It’s not Jimmy Carl Black but there’s some drums here.
12. greatest hits 02:16 – This is not one.
13. dennis quaalude 02:11 – Gah – this isn’t one either.
14. andihope 02:59 – I know it’s hard but this is getting so samey.  I can only think about Sentridoh, Bob Dylan and Daniel Johnson again and again and again.
15. void in time 02:22 – I’m gonna go listen to Void.
16. uncle sam’s adopted sons 02:21 – A tambourine can’t save this.
17. cold bones 02:08 – I almost like this one.  But wonder if I’m just relieved that this is the last track and I’d like to say something nice.

Score: 3

Worth listening further: No

A Map of the Chelsea Leaf by A Map of the Chelsea Leaf

1. The Opposite of What I Want 03:18 – A pretty average acoustic riff played in a tin shed.
2. Breathing in the Breeze 02:13 – Nice drum sound, could go anywhere, weak guitars come in…
3. Sleep Through Lonely Nights 04:02 – Sure needed some editing here.  Tape hiss.
4. Cat in the Sink 06:21 – Is this the same song as Track 2?  Both have ‘in the’ in their titles.
5. Untitled 02:40 – This sounds better, could end up with a campfire sing-a-long.
6. Unobtrusive 02:23 – Nice ambient intro but I fear it could lead to post rock.
7. During the Day, it’s Warm 03:14 – Brighter guitar sound here is much more interesting, the Casio drums aren’t as bad as you’d expect either!
8. Ashley 02:10 – Twang twang……twang!
9. The Power Went Out 02:36 – Toy Dolls riff (which they probably borrowed too)
10. Is This Fake Blood? 07:40 – Dicking around – doesn’t bode well if the track is nearly 8 minutes long.
11. Kissing Partners 02:44 – Straight into it, lots of tape hiss.  Daniel Johnson-esque maybe.
12. Jimmy Carter 05:56 – Ting ting…..ting!
13. The Revenge of Abe Lincoln 04:40 – Really need to tighten up the recordings to get a good score on this blog!

Score: 4

Worth listening further: No