Harafin So – Bollywood Inspired Film Music from Hausa Nigeria

Track 1: Fati Niger – Girma Girma – horrible keyboard music!
Track 2: Mai Dawayya – Ololufemi – robotised vocals over more dodgy keyboard and drum machine
Track 3: Abubakar Sani – Harafin So – a cool rhythm with another robotised voice – interesting if that was a real voice but then….why!?
Track 4: Abubakar Sani & Fati Niger – Tofi – hard to tell if this is an instrument or a crappy Casio!
Track 5: Sani Danja – Muna Cikin Sanyi – sounds like a film clip (not surprisingly) thankfully normal voices!
Track 6: Karamin Lilisco – Fashion – nice rad beats kicking off here – this could be more like it!
Track 7: Muddassir Kassim – Kassim – some trad rhythms going on here
Track 8: Sani Danja – Baban Rigga – woop – some Bhundu Boys style going on here John Peel would agree
Track 9: Maryam Olomi – Aure – crazy synth again, sigh

Score: 3

Worth listening further: Maybe