Spend Life by Make More

1. Best End 02:36 – Immediately reminded of something I like – Built To Spill maybe?
2. Dead Hands 02:32 – Is this the first song again?
3. Bare Fangs 02:49 – Slowing down, some vocals.  Superchunk, after they went shit (or as everyone else seems to think, got better!)
4. Mediolanum 02:04 – The goth track.  Still, better than the Cure.
5. Loose Tombs 02:01 – Awesome – guitar starts off like Fried Milk era Tar Babies!
6. Less Deaths 03:14 – Reminds me of some Chinese indie rock that I’ve heard.
7. Future Ruins 03:13 – A nice Mascis blazing guitar riff at max volume would improve this. Do it!
8. Festering Legacy 02:26 – Noting a lack of dynamics sound wise after 8 tracks.  Solid mixtape stuff but maybe will grow like a My Dad is Dead album?
9. Spend Life 03:11 – The slow closer – goes all right.

Score: 6

Worth listening further: Yes


This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship by Tiny Moving Parts

1. Dakota 02:50 – Nice glissy guitar but could be heading down dangerous post-rock territory.  Hope it might explode instead.
2. Along the Lakeside 02:53 – Some take off here but make like a sparkler than a firework.
3. Grayscale 02:03 – Straight into it – this is more like it.
4. Vacation Bible School 03:20 – Rad – is this a La Dispute pastiche?  Is this La Dispute?
5. Clouds Above My Head 02:57 – My favourite so far – some awesome drum work and composition here.
6. I 01:17 – Oh no – the obligatory interlude track.  Forget it.
7. Waterbed 03:12 – And as you might expect – a full on attack after the quiet stuff.
8. Amateur Night 02:45 – This is really nice though the vocals are starting to get a little annoying.
9. II 01:07 – The only good thing about this is that it MUST lead into the highlight of the album, right?
10. John P. 04:05 – Violin! Nice!

Score: 7

Worth listening further: Yes