To rot my soul is smiling by Sei Hexe

1. To rot my soul is smiling (Earth) 02:41 – Slow bass intro – could go anywhere
2. Queen of Swords (Air) 02:07 – Mad screamer – reminds me of Christian Death somewhat.
3. Fervor rescue me (Fire) 02:24 – More gothic influence here – this time a little Sex Gang Children, particularly the drumming.
4. 10 of cups (Water) 03:13 – These folks like their bass intros….
5. Leben ist Hart (Chuck) 01:16 – Woah, this is different – late 70’s post punk style now.  I guess it makes sense as the aforementioned bands kinda developed beyond that sound.
6. Worship me (Cobwebs) 01:42 – Cool intro this time, some nice guitar sound.
7. Earth swallow me (Belfry) 01:08 – Considering the length of the songs they sure take their time with the intros.  Another nice one here.
8. I am the ruler (Nelson) 01:39 – Hmm, this one is a little post rock.  Can only hope for some radical explosion of sound further in.

Score: 6

Worth listening further: Yes