Divorce by Divorce

1. Cunts In A Circle 03:01 – Like Today Is The Day played on the second stage with Hijo Kaiden.
2. Snob Value 05:22 – 5 minutes of intro for 5 seconds of music.
3. Aids Of Space 04:13 – Angry angsty noise rock.
4. Bill Murray 03:23 – Hammerhead meets PRE.
5. Pencils Giant Pencils 03:28 – Gratingly abrasive guitars in your face.
6. Coat Your Throat 02:29 – The slow ambient one.
7. Stabby (Stabby) Stab 05:37 – The saxophone track!  Favourite so far!
8. Dreglegs 05:13 – If you took all the bands mentioned above and slowed them down they would all sound like Cows.
9. Never Try Anything New At Least Once A Day 07:10 – A seven minute closer needs a big riff but it never arrives.

Score: 7

Worth listening further: Yeah


Musique Exotique #02 MLP by Exotica

1. Presion 01:04 – Woah!  Early BCT type world punk!  Ohlo Seco, Wretched etc
2. No 00:48  – Slight variations on punk rock but the riffs sound like magic
3. Ser Nada 01:34 – The slow one…
4. Is This A Life? 01:02 – Pummeling bass riff and then that guitar sound again!
5. Caminando 01:18 – Is that keyboard!?  Well, made me laugh!
6. Asco 01:00 – Suffers from being the same beat as the previous track – but the chorus!
7. The Hand That Feeds 01:49 – The second slow one….why not go faster rather than slower!?
8. It’s No Revolution 00:57 – Flex Your Head!  Variations on Nic Fit.
9. Mundo Nuevo 02:54 – It’s good that the songs are generally short, otherwise this would grow old quickly.  This is the epic closer….though it’s not that great.

Score: 8

Worth listening further: Yep

Split with ACxDC by Goolagoon

1. Home Sweet Pineapple 01:12 – intro, surf-core, big riff – what’s not to like!?
2. Doing Time 01:02 – It’s the 80s again – but only for 1 minute and 2 seconds.  Stikky worship!
3. Idiot Box 00:49 – Drummer is excellent.  Vocals range from great to generic.
4. The Bully 00:46 – One of the vocalists sounds like Nick Blinko.  This song is a ripper.
5. Book Attack (Scholastic Deth) 00:57 – That guitar solo is awesome and fantastically out of place.  Love it!

Score: 8

Worth listening further: Yep

Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street by Beach Slang

1. All Fuzzed Out 03:11 – Big guitars – cool.  Wimpy vocals.
2. Dirty Cigarettes 03:02 – It’s the early 90s.  The type of music that was called alternative about 15 years ago, so the kids could know what the alternative was.
3. American Girls And French Kisses 02:54 – The faster track to mix it up.  Singer is channeling the Psychedelic Furs.
4. We Are Nothing 02:28 – The acoustic track.  Well at least it isn’t the slow boring track with a crescendo ending.

Score: 5

Worth listening further: Nah

THREE ANGLES by Io Monade Stanca

1. Biricchino sarai tu 04:20 – Some nice Polvo type bass – interesting composition.  Good so far!
2. 90 gradi 01:54 – Interesting again – along with the cover I’m feeling hints of Rudimentary Peni’s religious themes.
3. Telefilm 03:52 – The third track slow burner.
4. Momra Rusia 02:38 – Things have definitely dropped off pace wise. This could go anywhere.
5. Va tutto bene é tutto bellissimo 04:35 – Prog rock meets math rock.
6. Tamarrismi 00:47 – Curiously this doesn’t seem like it is going to be filler.
7. Ma grandmere est mechant 05:05 – Morbidly curious guitar intro.
8. Un giro in bici 04:43 – These songs are obvious slow builders – perhaps in anticipation of the last track which is sure to be killer right?
9. Vivaldi 04:42 – Well – it’s a glam rock drum beat – could be the intro to ‘I Love Rock ‘n’n Roll’.  Let’s hope not!

Score: 8

Worth listening further: Yes