Knows Your Sins by The Underground Railroad to Candyland

1. That I Dunno 02:26 – Slow starter – where’s it gonna go?  Ska-punk?  Indie rock?  Lookout Records!
2. Jimmy V 02:58 – Weak.
3. Animals? 30 Seconds?! 00:44 – Filler.
4. Animals! Run! 02:19 – This needs to take off but it doesn’t.  Drags like a Billy Childish record played at the wrong speed.
5. My Number’s On The Stall 02:25 – Weak again.
6. And You Think You Can Tame Me?! 02:19 – Ramones bassline with a Dick Dale guitar line. And…!
7. Bus 01:55 – Almost moddish verse – if it has a killer chorus…..alas….
8. Up For Grabs 03:57 – An album doesn’t need a long song here – unless it’s good of course.
9. 2010 02:02 – A shimmery guitar of nope.
10. We Aren’t The World (LALALALALA) 02:32 – Is this a Dickies cover?  I’m gonna go listen to the Dickies.
11. Bitter 02:58 – Rock is all about 4 bars and repetition.  Apparently.
12. Run Chicken Run 01:51 – In which the guitar imitates a chicken. From the 50s.  A cover?
13. Stop Cryin’ Kid 01:56 – I’m getting tired of the plodding lack of dynamics in these songs.
14. 2010 Reprise 02:56 – This didn’t need a reprise.
15. The Wicked Shakes 03:31 – Well, they saved the best for last but it’s not saying much.  This kinda stuff is popular with ‘the kids’ these days but what the hell do they know!?

Score: 4

Worth listening further: Nope


Cheap Thrills On A Dead End Street by Beach Slang

1. All Fuzzed Out 03:11 – Big guitars – cool.  Wimpy vocals.
2. Dirty Cigarettes 03:02 – It’s the early 90s.  The type of music that was called alternative about 15 years ago, so the kids could know what the alternative was.
3. American Girls And French Kisses 02:54 – The faster track to mix it up.  Singer is channeling the Psychedelic Furs.
4. We Are Nothing 02:28 – The acoustic track.  Well at least it isn’t the slow boring track with a crescendo ending.

Score: 5

Worth listening further: Nah


1. Circles 02:52 – Silence…..not a good start eh?
2. Heavy Tremor 06:25 – This is better – nice rhythm, strong guitar line.  Production is smooth…maybe a little too nice.
3. Are We Still Breathing? 02:32 – Same as the last track – sounding interesting but the production leads one to think things are heading in a mainstream direction.  Needs more grit and dirt!
4. Solipse 08:35 – Dinky effected guitar – nothing happens.
5. Falling Into Place 06:42 – Fuck me – complete silence again.  I’d think the album had finished already.
6. Clusters 04:14 – Nice creepy melody, a little Cramps like, tho spoilt by super smooth vocals.
7. Undertow 05:15 – See track 4.
8. Clouded Sight 02:16 – This one jumps out of the blocks and is a little more like it – but, those vocals are annoying as hell.
9. Quakes 12:41 – See track 5.
10. Circles (Shake Up Your Mind) 04:23 – Gave up, didn’t bother…..

Score: 3

Worth listening further: No

This cat is a genius by Alex’s Hand

1. Train 03:16 – Sounds like it’s gonna be some drunken kinda stadium rock.  Could go either way at this point.
2. Dear me. 02:39 – Some wacky rhythm guitar, wacky drums and wacky vocals.
3. Penticide 02:58 – Difficult third track syndrome.  Possible quiet after and before the storm.
4. Ants 03:47 – Haha – a wanky stadium rock guitar solo!
5. Impression 02:36 – Acoustic guitar and some field recording style noise.  Difficult fifth track syndrome?
6. ConserveNow! 06:30 – Diddling around intro – thinking this is the long penultimate song that might hold everything together.
7. Sad Little Skeletons 03:59 – Couldn’t even hear anything.  Come on!  Make me listen!

Score: 6

Worth listening further: Maybe

Mongrel EP by TIME FOR T

Track 1: Tornado – Some funky keyboards joined by some lazy drums.  Not looking good.

Track 2: Great Grandma – Bleaugh guitar going nowhere – suits the song title somehow tho.

Track 3: Vegetable – This is better – nice to hear the word pyjamas in the second line.

Score: 4

Worth listening further: No